Hey Gang! I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer editing photos. And I spend a lot of time driving back and forth between San Francisco and Portland for work. Which is to say, I listen to a lot of stuff. I’ve been wanting to share some of that for a while. So here it is!

LISTENING: Bundyville, Season 2. Building on the first season’s exploration of the people who forcibly occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon …. and got away with it.

LISTENING: Driving I5 at Dusk. I love to capture the feeling of a particular moment or place with music. This one is that particular magic of cruising along the interstate during the warm golden light of a summer sunset, driving 10 miles above the speed limit on cruise control. Life is good.


WORKING ON: So much great recent client work to share. Currently wrapping up edits on the dreamiest of farm dinners, a collaboration with soon-to-launch Piccone’s Corner and the inimitable Tournant team. I will photograph all of your farm dinners! It was the best night. (All images from the dinner.)

THINKING ABOUT: The Lonely Hour newsletter highlighted a few compelling excerpts from Heather Havriletsky’s book of essays. In praise of nuance, subtlety, time, imperfection. We live in a weird moment!

“Some of these poisons are embedded in the shared ideals of our culture, with its focus on constant improvement and perpetual forward motion. The rise of digital culture has exacerbated this problem dramatically. We're now, more than ever before, bombarded by hidden and overt messages about our personal worth.”

Ghost the Aloof Farm Dog

Ghost the Aloof Farm Dog

Canard for PUNCH

Got to spend a couple hours with Andy Fortgang, wine director of the newly-opened Canard (sister to Le Pigeon, next door), capturing some of his process and a selection of their dynamic wines. It was a fun, quick shoot on a balmy Friday evening, just before I headed out of town for another great shoot on the Mendocino coast. Thanks so much for the assignment, PUNCH! Find the full article here